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Posted: August 11, 2020

Sparwood business issues positive COVID-19 notice

The Causeway Bay Hotel in Sparwood August 10 issued a public notice of a guest and diner who tested positive for COVID-19.

“In the interest of full disclosure and providing facts rather than rumour I would like to inform you of the following: On August 1 and 2 we had a person eat in Gateway Restaurant who tested positive for COVID-19. This person was a guest in our hotel and was quarantined to his room until Saturday, August 8 when he checked out. The guest was not a Sparwood resident,” stated Joanne Wilton, Regional Manager of the Causeway Bay Hotel.

“This is the only case of COVID that we are aware of in or around our facility. All safety precautions have been taken. I asked the Environmental Health Officer to come in for a visit to make sure we were doing all of the right things. She assured me that all measures taken were correct and that our safety plan was excellent.

“The CDC has assured me that people who ate in the restaurant at that time do not need to be tested. Like everybody else we have been instructed to call 811 if we develop any symptoms of COVID,” Wilton reported.

“Obviously, I cannot give 100% guarantee to anybody but I can assure you that the staff at Causeway Bay are doing everything in their power to ensure your safety (as well as their own). I believe we all can agree that anybody using public facilities at this time are aware they are taking some risks and by using those facilities, accept the risk.”

The restaurant has been closed for a two week period “because several scenarios unfolded at once and we find ourselves extremely short staffed due to vacations, people choosing to self isolate and yes, due to illness that have not been identified as COVID (there are still other illnesses such as summer colds),” Wilton said.

A safety plan is available at the hotel front desk and will be available on its website, as well as the Health Inspector’s report.

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