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Posted: June 8, 2018

Sparwood Council Facts

The following is a synopsis of what occurred during the June 4 District of Sparwood council meeting.


75th Birthday Book Club

Congratulations to Lois Halko, Anne Martin and Dolores Smith who joined the 75th Birthday Book Club and received a lilac lapel pin. Also joining the club this year, but unable to attend the meeting, was Jim Collins.

The district honours those seniors who have or will reach the age of 75 years in a given year by inviting them to a council meeting to sign a “Senior’s Birthday Book” that is kept in the Municipal Office as part of Sparwood’s heritage records.

Noel Bullock

Mr. Noel Bullock from Sparwood Secondary School thanked council for its support of the arts and youth in Sparwood and recognized Sparwood citizens who supported the drama class’ recent production of the Princess Bride.

Kurtis Chatterson, right, and MLA Shypitka

Kurtis Chatterson

Mr. Chatterson informed Council of a petition that Sparwood Secondary students have initiated to address the problem that students are faced with when trying to get their driver’s licence due to the lack of local driving examiners and the possible termination of Sparwood testing. Students are currently waiting three to five months for testing. The petition is to be brought forward through Kootenay East MLA Tom Shypitka to the legislature. Council intends to provide them with a letter of support to help further their efforts.


Middletown Crossing

Council received an update on the Middletown Crossing project.

  • Deep utilities and services for Middletown Place have been completed;
  • Construction of the paved pathway along Aspen Drive is underway;
  • Construction of Spruce Spur will commence shortly;
  • Initial earthworks component is progressing to encompass the entire project site;
  • Construction of the pedestrian underpass is expected to start in June; and
  • Topsoil from the waste excavation is being stockpiled for future use.

Council approved Change Order #3 in the amount of $171,185.15 for the project to extend deep services to the southeast for future development, including two sets of flashing LED pedestrian lights (Aspen at Spruce and at Tim Horton’s), paved pathways versus concrete on Aspen, and changes to Spruce Spur and Middletown.

Dog Park

Lynn Edwards and Betty Downey, from the Dog Park Working Group, provided council with an overview of the key criteria the group considered when they were looking for suitable off-leash dog park/area locations. Staff and the Working Group were directed to move forward with their consultation on two potential locations.


Automated Vote Counting System Authorization and Procedure Amendment Bylaw

Automated Vote Counting System Authorization and Procedure 1219, 2018, Amendment Bylaw 1226, 2018 was adopted. This amendment modified the ballot form that will be used for the 2018 general local election (October 20).

Coal Dust

Council authorized the purchase of two video cameras to be used to capture evidence of airborne coal dust in Sparwood. The recordings will be kept in perpetuity to illustrate the impact of the loss of mountain tops to the community. The cameras will be installed on the District Office and Fire Hall #2 and aimed towards Teck’s Elkview Operations in such a way that they do not capture any individuals.

Truth and Reconciliation in Sparwood

As a follow-up to the Community to Community Forum held in Sparwood in March of this year, and in anticipation of National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21, Council reactivated the discussion on Truth and Reconciliation. Specifically, they discussed actions that the municipality could take towards addressing the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report. It was acknowledged that a sustained effort will be needed, but there are some readily achievable actions to be done in the short term in consultation with the Ktunaxa Nation Council including:

  • adding the “Ktunaxa place name” to the entrance signs and at the District Office;
  • coordinating training for new Council members as part of their orientation process;
  • linking information to the Ktunaxa Nation on Sparwood’s website;
  • inviting the Ktunaxa to participate in the Coal Miner Days parade;
  • encourage council to attend events such as the upcoming Pow Wow in Tobacco Plains;
  • invite representatives from the Ktunaxa Nation to meet with Council to further identify actions to significantly address truth and reconciliation; and
  • flying the Ktunaxa flag at the District Office on days of significance, such as the upcoming National Indigenous Peoples Day.

Although these efforts are largely symbolic, they are the starting point to deeper and more meaningful efforts to access Truth and Reconciliation.


2018 Tax Notices

The 2018 tax notices have been mailed out. If you are a new owner and have not received your tax notice, please come into the District Office to obtain a duplicate copy. Notices are mailed to the current owner shown on the Assessment Roll. Depending upon the date of purchase, the district may not have the new owner’s information and the tax notice would have been mailed to the previous owner.

The deadline for paying your 2018 property taxes without penalty is Wednesday, July 4. Even if a bank is paying the taxes through a mortgage, homeowners who qualify must still claim the Home Owner Grant. Failure to claim the Grant by the due date will result in a penalty.

Persons 55 years or older or disabled may apply for deferment of their taxes.

For detailed information, visit the tax deferment website at: and click on the Annual Property Tax link and select Defer Your Taxes, or stop by the District Office and we will be happy to assist anyone who wants to take part in this program.

Survey on the Recreational Use and Sale of Cannabis

The District of Sparwood is seeking residents input into the recreational use and sale of cannabis in Sparwood. The information you provide will help Council determine the extent to which the district will regulate the location of retail stores (including setting distance requirements between cannabis retail stores and schools, day cares and other land uses); personal cultivation; commercial production; consumption on municipal property and public places; and whether to impose security requirements and additional restrictions on the hours of operation.

Sprinkling Regulations

A reminder that the District of Sparwood sprinkling regulations are in effect from June 1 through September 30 each year to promote water conservation.

Even numbered addresses can water on even calendar days, and odd numbered addresses can water on odd calendar days. Homes with automatic irrigation systems can water daily, provided it is between 12 and 6 a.m.

Exceptions to sprinkling restrictions include nurseries, golf courses, farms, turf and tree farms, municipal parks, playing fields, and other municipal properties.

There will be special permission for those residents who have installed a new lawn (either seed or sod) for a period of 21 days after installation of the lawn.

Welcome to Coal Miner Days 2018

June 8 – 10

A weekend of festivities for the whole community celebrating Sparwood’s community spirit and fun family atmosphere.

Be sure to check it out!

  • Teck barbeque
  • Face Painting
  • Food Vendors
  •  Bike rodeo
  • Air Brush Tattoos • Golf Tournament
  • Petting Zoo
  • Kids Duathlon
  • Lions Pancake Breakfast
  • Teck Free Health Presentation
  • Parade
  • Fireworks
  • Slo-Pitch
  • Cabaret
  • Valley Riders
  • Food Vendors
  • Poker Tournament
  • Reptile Show
  • Mountain Bike Demonstration
  • EKU Classic Run
  • Emergency Awareness Day

Upcoming meetings

  • Regular Council meeting in Council Chambers on Monday, June 18 at 7 p.m.
  • Committee of the Whole meeting in Council Chambers on Monday, June 25 at 7 p.m.

District of Sparwood

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