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Posted: March 8, 2019

Sparwood Council Facts

The following is a synopsis of what occurred during the March 5 District of Sparwood council meeting.


S/Sgt. Harrold, Elk Valley RCMP

Council accepted the Elk Valley Regional RCMP Detachment’s policing priorities put forth by S/Sgt. Harrold. Priorities for the upcoming year (2019/20) included traffic, crime reduction and continued involvement/engagement with youth.

MP Wayne Stetski

MP update

The Member of Parliament for Kootenay-Columbia, Wayne Stetski, provided an overview of the riding; identified his priorities; discussed the lack of affordable housing and daycare; cannabis; pensions; proportional representation; and SNC-Lavalin.

Project Heavy Duty (May 6-8)

Brian Conrad, on behalf of School District No. 5 and WorkSafeBC provided an overview to council of Project Heavy Duty, which included identifying program partners, local contributions, gifts, honorariums, insurance, etc.


Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw Amendments

Revitalization Tax Exemption Program Bylaw No. 1170, 1170, 2015, Amendment Bylaw No. 1248, 2019 was adopted. This amendment added Lot 3 at Middletown Place to the tax exemption program and extended the sunset clause within the bylaw to the end of 2022.

Officers and Officials Benefits Bylaw Amendment

Following first reading of Officers and Officials Benefits Bylaw No. 1038, 2012, Amendment Bylaw No. 1249, 2019, council amended the vacation schedule in the bylaw as follows, before giving second and third readings: Years one to three at three weeks; Years four to nine at four weeks; Years 10 to 15 at five weeks; Years 16 to 19 at six weeks; Years 20 onward at seven weeks.

The bylaw will be brought forward to the March 19 regular meeting for consideration of adoption.


2019 Project Heavy Duty

Council approved continued support the Project Heavy Duty event and the provision of in-kind funding support up to $4,500 to cover manpower, equipment, location and food services for one day; and permit a banner to be hung from the fencing during the event.

EMBC Flood Mitigation Funding

Council authorized the execution of a modification agreement with Emergency Management BC (EMBC) to extend the date for completion to July 31 and allow any unused funds to be used to produce tender- ready designs for the highest priority structural mitigation options.

Executive assistant exempt staff position

Council authorized the Administration to fill the Executive Assistant position, which would be responsible for human resources, safety and communications. This position is to be funded through current operating budgets.

Additional public works employees for 2020

Council endorsed the recommendation from the Committee-of-the-Whole to include an additional employee in Public Works for the 2020 operational budget.

CBT Community Outdoor Revitalization

Council directed staff to complete applications to the Columbia Basin Trust’s (CBT) Community Outdoor Revitalization Grants for a retrofit of the Centennial Square plaza through the capital funding and planning and design streams.

Volunteer Day recognition

Council endorsed the recommendation from the Committee-of-the-Whole to change the district’s Volunteer Day of Recognition from the second Sunday in September to the first Sunday in May. Staff will be completing a review of the Civic Recognition Policy and will be bringing a recommendation for amendments to a future Committee-of-the-Whole (COTW) meeting for discussion.

Cal McDougall

Appointment to SCEEAC (Cal McDougall)

Council appointed Cal McDougall to the Socio- Community and Economic Effects Advisory Committee (SCEEAC) to replace John Ralph and complete his term which ends December 31, 2021.


▪ SCEEAC Meeting in Council Chambers on Tuesday, March 12 at 6 p.m.

▪ Regular Council Meeting in Council Chambers on Tuesday, March 19 at 6 p.m.

▪ Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting in Council Chambers on Monday, March 25 at 6 p.m.

▪ Regular Council Meeting in Council Chambers on Tuesday, April 2 at 6 p.m.

District of Sparwood

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