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Posted: November 6, 2020

Sparwood Council Facts

The following is a synopsis of what occurred during the Nov. 3 District of Sparwood council meeting.


Sparwood Golf Club

Cal McDougall, President of the Sparwood Golf Club, provided an overview of the club’s successful year. Approximately 5,140 hours of volunteer labour were invested into the club saving over $100,000 in wages and labour. Financial donations from the district, Teck and local businesses allowed the club to replace the deck and purchase new tables and chairs for the clubhouse.


OCP and Zoning Bylaw Amendments

Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1165, Amendment Bylaw 1276, 2020 and Zoning Bylaw No. 264, 1981, Amendment Bylaw No. 1276, 2020 received third reading and adoption. These bylaw amendments change the permitted use of the land to allow for development of a multi-family affordable housing development at 400 Evergreen Crescent (located between Mountainview School and the Public Works yard on Pine Avenue).

Parks and Trails Bylaw

Parks and Trails Bylaw No. 1217, 2020 was given first, second and third reading. This bylaw will regulate and manage municipal parks and trails.

Council Procedure Bylaw

Council Procedure Bylaw No. 1279, 2020 was given first, second and third reading. Primary changes to the bylaw include removal of Information Items as an agenda category and outlining the procedure for handling correspondence items.

Utility & Solid Waste Bylaw

Amendment Utility and Solid Waste Management Bylaw No. 1014, 2009, Amendment Bylaw No. 1258, 2020 was given first, second and third reading. This amendment will set the rates for water, sewer, and garbage for 2021 to 2024.

Development Variance Permit – 124 Aspen Drive

Council approved issuance of DVP2020-001 and granted a variance to the Sign Bylaw to permit a free-standing sign at 124 Aspen Drive (East Kootenay Community Credit Union) with a sign area of 4.21m2 . The bylaw restricts sign area in the C-1 Central Business District Zone to 3.34m2 .


Community Funding and Support Policy

A new Community Funding and Support Policy was adopted. This policy will provide a systematic, streamlined, transparent, and simple approach to administer all requests for municipal funding.

Council Legal Advice Policy

Council Legal Advice Policy was adopted. The policy provides a process, and describes the parameters for, council members to access legal advice related to conflict of interest.

Elk River Pedestrian Bridge Bank Stabilization

Council authorized the submission of a grant application for $750,000 to the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund – Structural Flood Mitigation 2020 Program for the Elk River Pedestrian Bridge Bank Stabilization Project. The purpose of this project is to reduce the erosion on the southern bank of the Elk River near the pedestrian bridge, provide protection of the infrastructure attached to the bridge, and protect the only legal pedestrian access to the west side of the CPR tracks. Since the bridge was built the south riverbank has changed from ~29 m to ~12 m, a loss of 17m or 56 feet.


The following meetings will take place in Council Chambers (136 Spruce Avenue) at 6 p.m.

  • Regular meeting on Tuesday, November 17
  • Special meeting (Capital Budget) on Tuesday, November 24
  • Regular meeting on Tuesday, December 1.

District of Sparwood

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