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Posted: August 26, 2021

Sparwood Council Facts

The following is a synopsis of what occurred during the August 17 District of Sparwood council meeting.


Sparwood Golf Club

Mayor David Wilks presents the 2020 Volunteer award. District of Sparwood photo

Mayor and council were pleased to present members of the Sparwood Golf Club with the 2020 Volunteer Organization of the Year Award. The club members and many volunteers took it upon themselves, in a pandemic, to take over and operate the facility and in doing so, made the club a successful operation and an excellent amenity and service for residents and visitors of the district.

Sparwood Housing Market Study

Intelligence House Ltd. made a presentation to council on a housing market study they completed for the district. Their presentation included a statistical market analysis, a demographic study, and an evaluation of affordability levels of purchasing and renting in Sparwood.

Elk Valley Economic Initiative

Taylor Jenkins, Elk Valley Economic Recovery Advisor made a presentation to council on the Elk Valley Economic Initiative and job goals over the next year including engagement with businesses in the Elk Valley to develop a business retention and expansion report.


Officers & Officials Bylaw

Officers and Officials Bylaw No. 1288, 2021 was given three readings. This bylaw will replace outdated related bylaws and policies, address gaps in current administration practices, and gaps in short and long-term disability coverages.


Financial Signing Authority

Council appointed the new Financial Analyst, Tao Liu, providing interim financial leadership coverage, as signing authority with the Royal Bank of Canada, East Kootenay Community Credit Union, and the Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia until the Director of Finance returns from an approved leave.

Multi-Purpose Facility Advisory Committee

Council appointed Duane Allen, Barb Anderson, Calvin Domin, Roger Fairhurst, Mike Harrington, Kelvin Hughes, Rachael Osborn, and Frank Sopko to the Multi-purpose Facility Advisory Committee.

The committee will be responsible for making recommendations to council on the future development of a new dry floor community recreation centre including:

  • Facility location/site options;
  • The desired composition and functionalities of the facility and facility subcomponents;
  • The size of the facility, subcomponents, amenities, furnishings, equipment, and parking required to service the facility;
  • The preferred construction methodology for the facility;
  • Construction materials and related choices;
  • The site servicing and landscaping needs of the facility;
  • Regional use implications and opportunities;
  • Operational considerations for the new facility;
  • Operational cost implications including staffing, utilities, and maintenance costs; and
  • Total cost of the Facility development including land acquisition, engineering, design, construction, site servicing, landscaping, furnishings, and any other cost directly related to the project.


The following meetings will take place in Council Chambers (136 Spruce Avenue) at 6 p.m.

  • Regular Meeting on Tuesday, September 7.
  • Regular Meeting on Tuesday, September 21.

District of Sparwood

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