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Posted: January 16, 2021

Sparwood Mayor provides update on upcoming logging

District of Sparwood Mayor David Wilks has provided an update on logging work adjacent to Sparwood Heights, expected to begin Jan. 18.

“Logging will last about one month. The logging will take place on Crown and private land. Canfor will be moving equipment into a landing, which will be located near the Sparwood Heights water reservoir, starting this weekend,” the mayor said on social media Jan. 15.

“In respect to Crown land the logging will take place west of the power line. Logging will go from south to north toward Matevic Draw. It is our understanding that logging on private land will be on land owned by Whiskey Jack.

“There will be significant traffic on the highlighted roads in red (above image). This is Sparwood Heights Drive all the way to the old ski hill and up the access road to the water reservoir. Canfor will be posting signs about active logging.”

Mayor Wilks noted there will be limited parking on the ski hill road and access to the cross country trails west of the power line will be limited due to logging activity.

If you have any questions please contact Mayor Wilks by email at [email protected] or text at 250-433-6921.


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