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Posted: May 6, 2020

Sparwood opens parks and sports spaces

The District of Sparwood this afternoon (May 6) announced, effective immediately, parks, sports fields, tennis, pickleball and basketball courts are now open for public use.

Several safety measures are in place regarding the access of these areas.

Additionally, the Sparwood Skatepark and playgrounds remain closed.

“These spaces may be utilized by individuals and family units only. Group sporting activities are not permitted. Physical distancing applies and users are recommended to utilize hand sanitizer before and after using these facilities.  Sharing sports equipment is not recommended,” the district stated on its website.

The district is asking residents to self-monitor, not utilize a space unless there is sufficient room to maintain physical distancing, and heed all health and safety precautions to ensure that these public spaces can be enjoyed, while not putting the community at risk from a spread of COVID-19.

While the skatepark and playgrounds remain closed at this time, the district will be working on a plan to safely re-open these sites and will notify the public as changes occur.


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