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Posted: April 23, 2021

Stalled semi hit by train in Sparwood

District of Sparwood Mayor David Wilks has just reported on social media that a vehicle has struck a train at Michel Creek Road.

“Mayor and council for the District of Sparwood are asking everyone to stay away from Michel Creek Road at the entrance to Teck. A train has hit a vehicle. At this time we do not believe there are any injuries,” Mayor Wilks stated.

“A semi and trailer were crossing the rail crossing on Michel Creek Road, just off of Highway 3. As the semi was crossing the tracks, there appeared to be a mechanical failure on the tractor and truck could not move. The train could not stop in time and struck the tractor unit dragging it about 150 meters before the train came to a stop. The trailer disconnected from the tractor unit,” the mayor outlined.

“We ask people to stay away from the scene to allow emergency personnel to do their job. We anticipate that Michel Creek Rd will be closed for some time.”

More details will be provided when available.

Lead image: The scene of this morning’s semi-trailer and train collision. One of several photos shared on Facebook by District of Sparwood Mayor and Council


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