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Posted: June 24, 2022

State of Local Emergency and Evacuation Alert cancelled

As water levels continue to trend downward and the weather forecast calls for low precipitation levels, the District of Sparwood has cancelled the State of Local Emergency (SOLE), and Evacuation Alert, both which were initially announced on June 13,.

The SOLE and Evacuation alert were declared in response to significant rainfall events as peak water levels threatened to flood several properties within the municipality. On June 20, the SOLE was extended, and the evacuation alert remained in place for Mountainview Mobile Home Park, as serious concerns over the erosion of the dike were under investigation.

Within a SOLE the district was able to begin the process to take immediate action to protect residents and property from imminent danger, within areas of private property in which the dike is located on. Any remedial works were to be done for short-term protection, as the district is not responsible for that dike rather the property owner is the Diking Authority for it.

The District of Sparwood received permission from the province, and other regulatory authorities to undertake the work, but intervention was not required or permitted as water levels declined and continued to remain low, diminishing the need to action to prevent imminent risk.

Should things change, and water levels rise, the process will be restarted. Residents are reminded to continue to stay away from the banks of creeks and rivers as fast-moving water during freshet can be dangerous.

District of Sparwood

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