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Posted: September 16, 2019

Well work to cause road closures

The District of Sparwood is advising residents that the municipality will be temporarily closing Sparwood Heights Drive west of Fire Hall #2, Whiskey Jack Boulevard and Sparwood Heights Drive main road to ensure public safety during construction of Well # 4 watermain.

These closures began today (September 16) and will occur in stages as outlined in the map and continuing until such time as the construction work has been completed.

Traffic management and detours will be provided, with an alternate route through Resort Center Boulevard.

“Mayor and Council recognize that this will cause inconvenience to those in Sparwood Heights as well as Whiskey Jack development,” Mayor David Wilks noted on Facebook. “Stage 1 will not affect any traffic except those who would want to go up the Ski Hill Rd. Stage 2 will affect anyone living in Whiskey Jack and everyone living there will have to access Whiskey Jack via Resort Rd which is located just north of the Elk Valley Trailer Court. Stage 3 will affect all of Sparwood Heights and Whiskey Jack and access to Sparwood Heights and Whiskey Jack will be via Resort Rd again just north of Elk Valley Trailer Court.

“We are hoping that disruptions on Stage 2 and 3 will only be for one day each.”


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