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Posted: October 26, 2017

Teck reports successful selenium solution

Teck Coal has announced it has completed a successful pilot project that addresses the challenge in the performance of its West Line Creek Active Water Treatment Facility related to compounds of selenium in discharged water.

The company reports it is using a new ‘advanced oxidation process’ (AOP), which has been identified as a solution to selenium discharge.

The company is preparing for full installation of the AOP at the water treatment facility, which is anticipated to be completed in summer 2018.

While the AOP is being implemented, the water treatment facility will be temporarily taken offline.

“We will be working closely with government to ensure the shutdown proceeds in accordance with necessary authorizations and in a manner that ensures the continued safety of people and the environment,” said Nic Milligan, Teck Coal Limited’s Manager of Social Responsibility

“This work is part of our commitment to implementing the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan, and ensuring the health of the watershed is maintained for future generations.”

AOPs are a set of chemical treatment procedures designed to remove organic (and sometimes inorganic) materials in water and wastewater by oxidation through reactions with hydroxyl radicals.


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