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Posted: November 20, 2020

Triangle Women embark on legacy project

Pioneer Hall in Grasmere

Submitted by the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History

The Triangle Women’s Institute (TWI) in Grasmere, has embarked on an expansive history project that will transform the Pioneer Hall into a remarkable showcase honouring the community.

With funding from the Columbia Basin Trust, the women commissioned a local designer to create five large panels that depict South Country history themes.

Working in partnership with the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History and as their communications director, Erin Knutson has researched and designed 61 cm. by 91 cm. pictorial studies of ‘Education,’ ‘Industry,’ ‘Memories,’ ‘4-H’ and the history of the Triangle Women’s Institute.

Heather McDonald (left) and Judy-Lou McDonald examine the 4-H panel at the Pioneer Hall.

These are the first of a series of panels the organization anticipates stretching into 20 upon completion.

“We are very proud of TWI’s history, and we are fortunate to have the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History working with us and doing this project for us. Erin really is a gem,” said TWI President Judy-Lou McDonald.

The CBIRH has made its considerable historical resources available for the panels, recognizing a positive force in the TWI.

“This is the kind of community project that is delightful to be a part of,” said CBIRH Executive Director Anna Majkowski.

The first series of panels have been installed. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 precautions, the Hall is only open for limited use; however, the public response is extremely positive.

“There were great reviews on the completed panels. People were able to enjoy them during the recent provincial election at our Hall, and we can hardly wait to continue with the project,” said McDonald.

At this time, the TWI is seeking funding to extend the work. Their vision is to see the Pioneer Hall contain a museum-quality exhibit of the South Country’s history that will be around for generations to come.

“We are excited to proceed and look forward to the next step, which begins with honouring our Tobacco Plains neighbours,” said McDonald.

Lead image: Bonnie Crosson and TWI President Judy-Lou McDonald at the Pioneer Hall in Grasmere.  Photo credits: Submitted

Below Panels: 4-H, Memories and Industries.


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