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Posted: August 11, 2022

Updated Area Restriction for Weasel Creek Wildfire

The BC Wildfire Service has amended an Area Restriction Order for the vicinity of the Weasel Creek wildfire.

This area restriction reflects the continued need to protect the public in areas where ongoing fire suppression activities are taking place.

This restriction will take effect immediately and will remain in effect until 1 p.m. on October 15, or until rescinded. The order applies to Crown land within the geographic boundaries described below and outlined in the provided map.

Area Restriction Order details:

Commencing from the US border due north to the 10km mark on Phillips Creek FSR, following the height of land to Mount Mahaney, continuing north on the height of land to Wigwam River, east approximately 12 km on Cabin FSR (also known as Ram in the 2022 Backroads Map Book) and up the western ridge of Mt. Doupe, down the NE face to follow Twentynine Mile Creek, Howell Creek, and Gumbo Creek to the Flathead FSR, south on the Flathead FSR to the junction of the Flathead FSR and the Kishinena FSR, southeast down the Kishinena FSR to the junction of the Kishinena FSR and the US border.Ā Travel on the Flathead FSR is permittedĀ onlyĀ up to the junction with theĀ Kishinena FSR; however entrance into the restricted area off the Flathead FSR is prohibited.

NOTE:Ā Travel on the Phillips Creek FSR, Wigwam FSR, Cabin FSR, and Kishinena FSR is not permitted within the boundaries of the area restriction

Under this Order and section 11(2) of theĀ Wildfire Act, a person must not remain in or enter the restricted area without the prior written authorization of an official designated for the purposes of theĀ Wildfire Act, unless the person:

1.) First receives written authorization of an official designated for the purposes of the

Wildfire Act,Ā or

2.) Enters the area only in the course of:

travelling to or from his or her principle residence that is not under an evacuation order;

using a highway as defined in theĀ Transportation Act;

travelling as a person acting in an official capacity as defined in s.56 of theĀ Wildfire Act; or

travelling for the purpose of supporting wildfire suppression or enforcement patrol activities.

This Order is subject to and subordinate to any applicable evacuation orders made under the Emergency Program Act.

Failure to comply with Section 11 restricted area requirements may result in a violation ticket of $1,150.

Road closures and area restrictions are subject to change depending on fire activity. For the most current information please visit the bans and restrictions section of the BC Wildfire website for the Southeast Fire Centre, or visit:Ā

BC Wildfire Service

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