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Posted: December 8, 2020

Vehicles not stopping for busses has RCMP concerned

Elk Valley RCMP is urging caution after a spate of incidents involving drivers failing to stop when school buses have activated flashing lights.

“Flashing yellow and red lights on a school bus are pretty. And they’re pretty important too,” pointed out Elk Valley RCMP “C” Watch Commander and Media Relations Officer A/Cpl. Debra Katerenchuk.

“They warn other motorists that the bus is about to stop, or is stopped, and children will be walking outside the bus on the roadway. The Elk Valley RCMP would like to warn motorists that these lights are just like the yellow and red traffic intersection lights and all motorists must stop when a school bus has activated their red stop lights regardless which direction they are travelling on the roadway,” she stated.

Not heeding this warning may result in a driver getting a Violation Ticket for $368 and three demerit points, A/Cpl. Katerenchuk explained, adding police have another dead-to-rights means of catching drivers who pass busses when lights are activated.

“If the driver is not identified, police have the ability to issue the ticket to the registered owner.  School District No.5 Southeast Kootenay has installed video cameras to identify vehicles and to protect the students,” Katerenchuk said.

Since late September, at least eight vehicles have been reported by the public and bus drivers for failing to stop. These reported incidents have occurred throughout the Elk Valley.

Elk Valley RCMP photo


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