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Posted: March 12, 2017

Kimberley man presented Medal of Bravery

Governor General David Johnston presented Kimberley resident Peter Richard Moody with a Medal of Bravery during a ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

The award comes a little more than five years after he saved his wife Susan Bond from a grizzly attack.

The couple was out walking north of St. Mary Band (?aqam) land, along Cherry Creek, at about 3 p.m. on Nov. 25, when Susan Bond, in her 60s, stepped through thick creek-side foliage and came upon a sow bear feeding on a deer carcass. The bear attacked Susan and Peter, in his 80s at the time of the attack, managed to distract the bear his way by hitting it with a ski (walking) pole.

“On November 25, 2012, Peter Moody risked his life to protect his wife who was being attacked by a bear in Kimberley, British Columbia. The couple was hiking in a wooded area when they encountered the grizzly, which attacked the woman and pinned her to the ground. Using a ski pole as a weapon, Mr. Moody diverted the bear’s attention, even after having been attacked himself. The couple remained motionless to convince the bear they were no threat. After the bear left the area, the severely injured couple managed to walk to a nearby house where they found help,” relates the Governor General’s website.

Lead image: Peter Moody, left, received his award alongside 37 other Canadians during a ceremony with Gov. Gen. David Johnston, right, at Rideau Hall.


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