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Posted: February 15, 2018

3 facts about Kimberley’s snow and ice management

By the City of Kimberley

1. The City of Kimberley is responsible for maintaining 99 km of paved and gravel streets and lanes within the city. The city has a Snow and Ice Management Plan that is reviewed for incremental improvements and adopted by council each year. This plan sets the priorities and categorizes them into three groups: main streets and emergency access with hills, other main streets, and local streets. The main streets and hills are completed first after a snowfall, ensuring that traffic can access facilities such as the schools, special care facilities, the central business area and the resort. Next to be completed are collector streets, which may not have steep terrain but have heavy volumes of traffic. These streets include Rotary Drive, Knighton Road and Jim Ogilvie Way (pictured above). Residential streets are then attended to. During weekends and statutory holidays, the City generally services only the first priority streets.

2. “Why can’t the city remove the windrow from my driveway?” A report on windrow removal was considered at the February 5 Committee of the Whole meeting by the Senior Manager of Operations. After researching costs for labour, equipment and estimated boulevard and driveway damage costs, it was established that removing the windrows from 3,441 driveways would raise the operating budget for snow removal by 73%, which would equate to a 2.4% tax increase. The current budget for snow removal allocates $328,775 annually, and windrow removal would have raised it to $569,530. When the city is widening roads, we send out a loader to follow up and clear excessive windrows.

3. Temporary ‘No Parking’ signs are placed in areas where city crews are hauling large piles of snow. These reminders are for your safety and for the safety of our staff. Snow needs to be moved to different locations so streets and boulevards are not overloaded. Vehicles that do not obey the ‘No Parking’ signs may be subject to a ticket for impeding snow removal and may be towed at the owner’s expense. It is important to remind children that playing in snow piles is not safe, particularly the piles that accumulate around Mark Creek.

View the city’s Snow and Ice Management Plan, or view FAQs section.

City of Kimberley

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