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Posted: April 28, 2020

A message from Mayor McCormick

By Mayor Don McCormick

I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to everyone for sticking to the plan and following the direction set by our Public Health Officer! We are now in week seven and the COVID-19 pandemic remains a challenge for us all.

Silly comments (said by people who should know better), protesters and dissenting opinions are getting a lot of airtime. Be amused, but please keep your resolve to follow the leadership of Dr. Bonnie Henry. We must continue to follow her orders as any change now will only put at risk the sacrifices that we have all made to this point.

It was encouraging to see Saskatchewan take the lead in publishing their plan for re-opening. Here in B.C., case numbers are dropping, particularly the most important one – hospitalizations. Some institutional outbreaks have caused total numbers to go up, but those of the general population are encouraging. We can look forward to the B.C. plan soon. You can view updated B.C. and regional data from the province here.

It has been inspiring to see the various pivots local business owners are implementing to keep their business open and generating cash. Although government programs have offered emergency help, it is very short term.

Without cash from new sales, most of these programs are really a liability and not all businesses qualify for them.

A local business owner recently described the challenge of changing a business model in real-time and the importance of sales. I found her message very inspiring. You can read her comments here.

Every one of our local businesses are facing these challenges right now. Please support them as you can.

This is a very confusing time, but there are key indicators that better days are close. Please…help us stay the course.

Don McCormick is City of Kimberley Mayor

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