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Posted: September 11, 2019

Apple Pick and Press coming to Kimberley

Kimberley has a wonderful variety of fruit trees all throughout the city – in backyards and public spaces.  It’s a legacy left behind by people who sought to feed themselves locally with delicious fruit, right at home.

Wildlife also takes advantage of this fall bounty by visiting local fruit trees, often uninvited and sometimes with severe consequences.

On Saturday, September 14, and Sunday, September 22, the whole community can take part for free in Wildsight’s Apple Capture Pick & Press events.

Everyone will come together to enjoy the fruits of the legacy and take advantage of the abundance of healthy food waiting to be harvested. Volunteers will lend a hand to assist members of the community who need help harvesting fruit trees, and animal attractants will be significantly reduced; protecting us and them. All Pick & Press events are family friendly and fun for all ages!  No experience required!

The picking event takes place on Saturday, September 14, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Volunteers meet at the Kimberley Community Garden on Rotary Drive to join picking teams, grab a map to local trees, and load up with all the tools and gear needed to pick delicious ripe apples.

Everyone meets back at the Kimberley Community Garden at 1:30 p.m. to drop off apples that will become juice the following week.

The pressing event takes place on Sunday, September 22, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Volunteers again meet at the Kimberley Community Garden on Rotary Drive where they help with grinding, pressing and bottling delicious and nutritious unpasteurized juice!  The juice will be shared among volunteers, and the remainder donated to the Kimberley Helping Hands Food Bank.

WildsafeBC will also be nearby offering a free electric fencing demo and free bear spray demo between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

If possible, volunteers are asked to come prepared with containers/boxes to hold the large volumes of fruit for the picking event, and if possible a truck and ladder to help pick and transport fruit.

Volunteers are also encouraged to bring reusable containers to fill up on juice to take home during the pressing event. The events take place outside, so come prepared for the weather and bring snacks and water.

For those interested in sticking around the Kimberley Community Garden on Sunday, September 22, Wildsight’s sixth annual Harvest Party will take place from 1-4 pm where there is a community potluck, games, zucchini races, and the Spud Bucket Showdown weigh in.

Those interested in learning more about the pick and press event can contact James Christie Fougere at [email protected] or 250-878-2867.

Photo courtesy James Christie-Fougere


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