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Posted: May 30, 2019

Bear awareness and securing garbage

Residents are reporting a higher than usual number of bears in the City of Kimberley this year. In order to ensure the safety of all community members and wildlife, it is imperative that we all do our part to reduce bear attractants and follow the bylaws on garbage collection.

Garbage carts must not be set out before 5 a.m. on garbage collection day. On non-collection days, homeowners must keep their carts in a secure location.

Residents are further encouraged to do the following to reduce bear attractants:

•  Keep your garbage in a secure location until the morning of pick-up day;

•  Take smelly garbage to the transfer station in advance of garbage day as needed;

•  Freeze smelly items until garbage day;

•  Clean your barbecue between uses;

•  Keep your garbage and recycling carts clean and free of odours;

•  Pick up fallen fruit from trees.

The city currently has 36 animal-resistant garbage carts with latches available to residents that are experiencing animal issues in their neighbourhood. There is no charge for upgrading to these animal resistant carts, but they are reserved for those residents experiencing hardship in securing their carts.

Please call the Operations Desk at 250-427-9660 to make a request for one of these carts.

The animal-resistant carts are not certified as bear-resistant by WildSafeBC. The city has ordered 36 WildSafeBC certified bear-resistant carts which will be available soon.

The cost to upgrade to the bear-resistant carts has yet to be determined. The issue with bear-resistant garbage carts is that the latch must be opened by the homeowner the morning of collection day, making them accessible to automated collection trucks on the morning of collection like any other bin.

Many communities the city consulted with recommended that Kimberley not go with latched carts.

Many residents have inquired about neighbourhood garbage bins, such as those used in Jasper and Canmore.

The city and Bear Aware investigated community bins in 2007, and many residents were not in favour of the neighbourhood bins at that time.

According to Solid Waste Regulation & Rates Bylaw No. 2520, 2015, an owner shall ensure that solid waste is stored in a way to prevent animals from accessing it. Under Section 4.4 (c) of this bylaw, the fine for not securing your garbage is $75.

City of Kimberley

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