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Posted: July 25, 2017

City regrets how it handled decommissioning

The City of Kimberley regrets the current situation regarding the decommissioning of its old cenotaph.

The former cenotaph

The city has worked diligently with Military Ames for the past two years towards the opening of the Veteran Memorial Park and home to the new community cenotaph. Since the official opening on July 8 (pictured above), the park has received rave reviews. Military Ames has been praised many times by the city for making the Veterans Memorial Park a reality.

There were many conversations between the parties during the project construction. The one concerning the decommissioning of the old cenotaph was not recent and got lost in the focus on completion of the park. The plaques and flagstones were removed from the old cenotaph months ago, and included as part of the new memorial. City staff was left with the impression that the decommissioning of the old cenotaph was to be completed before the new cenotaph was commissioned on July 8. The city regrets not awaiting written confirmation of Military Ames’ intentions for the decommissioning.

The old cenotaph was set for demolishing to make way for the Peak-to-Platzl trail extension.

It was a veteran passing the site who requested that workers stop the demolition, and informed that the official decommission had not yet taken place. The city responded immediately by stopping work. Ms. Postnikoff was contacted by the city’s Operations Manager who apologized for the miscommunication. The decommissioning ceremony took place on Sunday night.

City of Kimberley

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