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Posted: July 14, 2016

Conference Centre boosts economy

It’s been a busy 2016 at the Kimberley Conference Centre.

kimberley-conference-athlete-training-mSpring saw 50 conferences, expos and receptions flock to the East Kootenay’s largest meeting facility. Thousands of delegates have travelled to Kimberley since January and represent a significant economic injection into the community.

The 4,700 overnight stays attributable to the Conference Centre thus far in 2016 account for a $700,000 boost to the local economy. Annually the economic impact is a 10 times multiplier of the City of Kimberley’s operating subsidy.

In March, Kimberley hosted the Association of BC Land Surveyors. This group totalled 200 delegates for a five-day conference. While this annual event is usually held in the Lower Mainland attendance actually outstripped previous years’ conferences as more delegates brought their families and stayed longer.

The spring also saw the return of 180 elected officials for the Association of Kootenay & Boundary Local Government conference.

The Kootenay Bar Association, CBT Youth Networking Symposium, United Steelworkers Summer Training, Provincial Mine Rescue Competition, BC Timber Sales all brought their members to the Conference Centre this spring.

Looking forward the Conference Centre has refined its sales target to focus on fraternal groups and government, environmental, education, hospitality and medical associations of 150 to 300 people. The Southern California Motor Cycle Association is planning to end its 41st yearly pilgrimage of the Three Flags Classic in Kimberley on September 5 and 6. This famous ride connects Mexico, the US and Canada and the Conference Centre will host over 300 riders for their awards banquet.

In anticipation of securing new business for 2017/18/19 other revenue initiatives are being planned for the slower summer months. A business plan for Kimberley Alpine Adventure Camps is being developed to attract kids aged eight to 15 from across Western Canada. These camps would be based in the Conference Centre and would engage tour operators from throughout the area to offer a unique summer camp experience.


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