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Posted: September 18, 2019

Holistic Health & Yoga Fair returns to Kimberley

Danette Polzin and Cristina Borgogelli are two women made up of passion, vision, and determination who brought the Abundance Holistic Health & Yoga Fair to life during a Bean Tree coffee date in 2018.

Following the imprint left by the previous year’s wellness expo, Danette and Cristina envisioned a magical event that bridged healers and alternative and holistic practitioners with the community at large. And Abundance was born.

Abundance is not a large business enterprise, a corporate-sponsored organization, or a get rich quick scheme, but an event built from heart-felt belief and true desire to make a lasting difference in the community, region, and world at large. They’re dedicated to bringing the fair to Kimberley annually—and expanding out in the future—because they believe in the positive and lasting potential that these modalities and professionals can bring to people’s lives.

Cristina lives in Kimberley with her husband and son and is the sole proprietor of Tonerelli’s Pasta Adventures and can be found serving delicious fare at Stonefire Pizzeria on the Platzl.

Danette recently relocated from Kimberley just down the road to Creston, with her two boys. She is the sole proprietor of Violet Flame Holistic Healing and can also be found working for her parents’ sustainable forestry business.

These two creatrixes are so committed to this path that they’re willing to solely fund the event and organize it in its entirety all in their spare time. After the 1st annual event, seeing the joyful expressions on people’s faces and hearing about their life-changing experiences that took place over the course of two days, Danette and Cristina knew they had to keep going for 2019.

The second annual fair is being held at the Kimberley Conference Centre on October 19 and 20.

Fair participants can choose from over 30 classes, workshops, and soul talks over the two days, shop the vendor market, and hang out in the chill and create space where they will also find practitioner support. The Saturday evening will also feature a musical performance by In the Sticks, an afro-sass drum and dance collective from Slocan Valley.

The organizers felt that in order to build the bridge, promote collaboration, and create the connections they were envisioning, the fair needed to be accessible and affordable. And that is why this year, the vendor market is free admission for the public to attend. So if you’re curious and kind of want to dip your toe in the waters without committing to the weekend, you can check out the vendor market at no cost.

Flexibility and freedom are also a pillars of the fair. By breaking the rigid structures so many are living within, it makes people connect deeper inside themselves. This is why you do not sign up for any of the sessions in advance. You listen to your inner guidance and show up in the moment to what you feel called to attend without having to commit in advance.

Not everything presented at the fair is going to speak to every person. But if you show up with an open mind and an open heart, you can be assured that something will, and it’ll likely be profound.

Danette and Cristina invite you to give it a try. It’s a small investment to make for what can help provide you with the clarity you’ve been seeking, align you with your heart and soul, and change your life in ways you couldn’t imagine.


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