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Posted: January 29, 2021

Kimberley Arts Council invites new members

Are you missing all the great art activities like live music, festivals, gallery opening receptions and creative kids arts programming the Kimberley Arts Council is known for presenting to our community? The pandemic made us all realize how important the arts are for everyone. Now is your chance to get involved and be part of bringing the arts back to life in Kimberley.

With their Annual General Meeting just around the corner, the Kimberley Arts Council is looking for new members to join their governing and leadership team to add new fuel to their well-established organization.

With the cancellation of the majority of art activities and programming and only being able to offer a fraction of them online, Centre 64 might have fallen off the radar for many. However, while things looked rather quiet from the outside, the volunteers of the Kimberley Arts Council board of directors and committees, supported by Centre 64 staff, decided not to just sit on the sideline and wait this one out, but to stay focused on their mission and keep on going in the background.

Re-grouping, planning, sourcing and applying for funding, adapting and pivoting in new directions where necessary steps to get through these difficult times. All in all, this has been a somewhat exciting year for the Kimberley Arts Council and they feel more than ready to move on and forward again.

Being the driving force behind the scenes of many art events happening in Kimberley throughout the year, the organization is eager to fill the five of 12, currently available positions on their board of directors.

This year’s AGM will be held online on Tuesday, March 2, and the Arts Council is currently taking nominations for new members to join their board of directors.

This is a great opportunity for anybody, young and older, to take an active part in the planning and developing of new art programs, the strengthening of existing programming and to feed  their enthusiasm for art in our community.

While skills and experience are always highly sought for, arms are wide open to anybody who loves the arts and would like to get involved more deeply.

If you feel that you would be a great addition to this organization or know somebody else who would, please contact the Centre 64 administrator Christine Besold at 250-427-4919 or at [email protected] for more information.

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