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Posted: April 22, 2021

Kimberley Mayor addresses climb in COVID cases

By Mayor Don McCormick

I am getting a ton of phone calls, emails and Facebook messages looking for a response to our increasing active case count.

Here is what I know:

Governments cannot stop the spread of COVID-19, only total vaccination and proper behaviour on our part can do that. The restrictions imposed by the province are a result of people behaving badly, of not following the protocols.

Kimberley is proof that if you follow protocols and apply peer pressure to those who don’t, numbers will remain low.

But…we are not as diligent as we once were. Contact tracing has shown that our increasing cases are the result of ever increasing resident social activities. This includes larger gatherings to all out parties. This is on us. I appreciate that we are all tired. But an increasing number of people are choosing to do as they wish, which is putting all of us in jeopardy.

It does not take much to cause the spread we are starting to see.

Vaccinations are increasing at about 100 per day in Kimberley. At this rate, it will take another two months to complete the first dose of vaccinations. As this is taking place, we need to stick to following the protocols…it is the only way we can stop the growth of active cases.

We are also seeing workplace cases. Several businesses have chosen to close for a week to two weeks out of an abundance of caution. Thank you to all of our business owners who have chosen to do this. Business viability is a huge concern, so shutting down for any period of time increases their risk.

Please continue your awesome support of our local business community.

Interior Health is concerned that those that are vaccinated remain diligent about following the protocols. The vaccination is likely to protect you, but does not guarantee that you cannot spread the virus.

Dr. (Bonnie) Henry expects that 50% to 60% of the province will have received their first vaccine by the long weekend. IHA will be in that neighbourhood.

With three vaccines and multiple delivery mechanisms, the logistics needed to supply vaccine is complex. IHA is adjusting as things progress. I attend a weekly call where IHA provides the latest and best information, as well as answering questions we may have. I cannot say enough positive things about their management under incredibly difficult circumstances.

We cannot control what the province decides to do. Nothing has changed in a year, so restrictions are predictable. I will say again that we can only control our own behaviour; we need to tighten it up. If we do this, the numbers will fall. If we do not, they will continue to increase. It is up to us.

Please register for your vaccination if you have not done so already.

Case count maps courtesy BC Centre for Disease Control

Don McCormick is Mayor of the City of Kimberley

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