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Posted: April 27, 2018

Kimberley prepares for possibility of localized flooding

This week’s warm weather and a forecast for rain has emergency officials in the City of Kimberley closely watching local waterways and encouraging residents who are in flood-prone areas to be aware and prepared should conditions worsen.

Volunteers fill sandbags at Centennial Hall during the April 2012 flooding in Kimberley. Ian Cobb-e-KNOW file photos

“We are already seeing a rise in local streams and the chance of localized flooding will increase if we get the rainfall that is forecasted toward the tail end of the weekend and into next week,” said Kimberley Fire Chief Rick Prasad.

One neighbourhood that is particularly susceptible to high water events is Morrison Subdivision. “Because of the potential for changing conditions, we are going to provide some general flood preparedness information door to door to residents in Morrison Subdivision today to help ensure they have the information they need to be prepared.”

The information will also be posted on the City of Kimberley’s website and social media channels along with the fire department’s Facebook page for the rest of the community.

A self-fill sandbag station has also been set up at Centennial Hall for anyone wanting to do sandbagging on his/her properties.

“We will be watching conditions closely over the coming days and will continue to keep the community informed,” added Prasad. “In addition to encouraging residents in flood-prone areas to be prepared, we also want to stress to all residents the importance of staying away from local waterways as conditions can change quickly. Our goal is to ensure everyone stays safe.

For a copy of the Kimberley flood preparedness handout, or the latest emergency information, visit www.kimberley.ca.

Lead image: The Morrison Subdivision was hard hit during flooding in April 2012. e-KNOW file photo

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