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Posted: November 26, 2020

Kimberley Rotary’s ShelterBox campaign underway

Rotary Club of Kimberley is once again working with ShelterBox Canada, a project partner of Rotary, to run our annual ShelterBox Global Gift campaign.

ShelterBox is a way to honour a special person on your Christmas gift list.

Let them know that your gift this year is the purchase of a ShelterBox Global Gift – aid for a family devastated by conflict or natural disaster.

It is a gift that will provide safe shelter or other survival resources for a family in great need.

“A gift from someone far away, who cares, means more than can be imagined. It is a true Christmas gift,” Kimberley Rotary noted.

Order directly from ShelterBox Canada Global Gifts.

Or email Kimberley Rotarian Patrick Barclay at [email protected] .

Please read this poster for more info.


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