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Posted: August 15, 2020

Kimberley shows support for Mounties

By Sgt. Chris Newel

The residents of Kimberley and the surrounding area have always been very supportive of the RCMP.  This support becomes particularly evident during tragic events.

Over the past few years the RCMP has suffered the loss of several members.  In the true spirt of our community, individuals and groups have passed on their appreciation for the work we do through cards, gifts, flowers and treats.

In addition, notes of appreciation are dropped off at the detachment, arrive in the mail or show up in our email.

The Kimberley Fellowship Baptist Church has been one group that has been dropping off baked goods, cheese and/or fruit every Friday.

Investors Group dropped by with small gifts for each employee.  Others have dropped off sweets, savoury goods and even plants and a bouquet of flowers.

The kindness and thoughtfulness of these gestures is truly overwhelming and very much appreciated.

During these challenging times it warms our hearts to know the community is behind us and appreciates the work we do.

Thank you!

Photos courtesy Sgt. Chris Newel

Sgt. Chris Newel is commander of the Kimberley RCMP Detachment

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