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Posted: December 2, 2021

KIS students learn about Eimers Lake Wetlands

As part of their science unit, Mr. Charlie’s Kimberley Independent School (KIS) Grade 2/3 class recently took their science lesson outdoors to learn hands-on about the wetlands at Eimers Lake.

This field trip was put on by Patty, from Main Streams. Her interactive approach taught students how important the wetlands are to the area, about the different plants that thrive in a wetland environment and the connection to the local first peoples.

Kimberley Independent School is a small, vibrant K-7 Independent school.  We pride ourselves in a loving and caring environment where children feel safe and heard.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the programs that we offer.

Our school follows the BC Ministry of Education Curriculum and exceeds its programming requirements through project based, hands-on and experiential approaches to learning.  This approach is reinforced through multiple field trips throughout the year in which children engage with and experience the learning firsthand.

Learning is fun, exciting and diverse and this can be seen on the faces of the children through the halls, in the playground and in the community at large.

Lead image: Wild Wednesday, Liam, Monty and Hugo, Grade 3 students from Kimberley Independent School, use a plant identification sheet to find various species of plant life that grow at Eimers Lake. Photo by Robin Stephan


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