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Posted: May 28, 2022

Local girls Krush fitness competition in Calgary

Team Krush, coached By IFBB pro Jennifer Roberts, last weekend brought home five trophies at the Canadian Physique Alliance, Alberta Open. 

After 20 weeks of training and preparation amidst very tough competition from Western Canada, the six athletes from Kimberley absolutely lit up the stage.

Coach Roberts knows what it takes to succeed in the sport, as an International Federation of Bodybuilding professional athlete.

Roberts says she is beyond proud of the commitment and dedication of all six girls and the mental and physical package they brought to the stage.  She emphasized how special it was to coach these local girls and workout together at Gym67 in Kimberley. It was amazing to see the girls push each other and support each other throughout this process.

Team Krush teammate Isabel eloquently said, “I think there are many misconceptions about competing. It isn’t only about the result. It is a journey. You must dig deep. It is so much more than just physique development. It’s mental, emotional and requires commitment beyond just executing on a diet or training. When you willingly put yourself through physical discomfort you are training your mind to be stronger than the circumstances at hand.

“Then when you are faced with challenges that unwillingly come into your life, your mind will be well prepared. There were tears, self-doubt, sleepless nights, frustrations, sacrifices… what social life? But nothing has lit me up like this. It has made me grow so much stronger mentally, and I now know that I’m capable of SO much more than I could have ever imagined.”

Roberts also want to express her gratitude to Cranbrook Reflex, Magnum supplements and Prevail clothing for their support!

Lead image: Left to right: Cassandrea McGillis, Kellie Wolf, Brook Wolf, Jennifer Roberts, Cassandra Boon, Isabel Herman, Ilana Coetzee. Photo submitted


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