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Posted: March 23, 2021

Mayor speaks to Aquatic Centre and arena rumours

Mayor Don McCormick

City of Kimberley Mayor Don McCormick took to social media March 22 to try and clear the air surrounding rumours about the Kimberley Aquatic Centre and Marysville Arena.

“I had thought that this question had been answered some time ago, but I have run into no less than three people in the last while that say “word on the street is both the pool and the Marysville Arena may be sold to private sector interests,” so I will try and communicate this again.

“The aquatic centre will never be sold to a private interest. Why? Our pool costs $1 million a year to operate; we get $300K in revenue. That is a $700K operating loss per year. Plus, maintenance on pools is high. Our pool is an awesome amenity that the community needs to be considered attractive to families and seniors alike. However, it is a facility that only the municipality would own and operate,” McCormick said, before turning his attention to Marysville Arena.

“It is a fact that the Marysville Arena is an old building in very poor condition. It requires at least $1.5M in capital renovations just to stay operational. Likely more. Kimberley requires a second ice surface for sure… we have more user requirements than the Civic Centre can handle,” he said, adding, “The question is – what is the best long-term investment in a second ice surface? Repair the Marysville Arena and still have an old building, or build a new ice surface? What is the best use of taxpayer dollars?”

City council has authorized a feasibility study to analyze the situation and present options for the arena, the mayor noted.

“There has been no conversation beyond this. The study will be made public when it is presented to council. This is not imminent; the Marysville Arena will be opening again in the fall – COVID permitting.

“I hope this helps clear things up. There is no hidden agenda or anything else at play. Just council and staff making sure that we provide the best services at the best value for taxpayers. I am happy to talk to anyone who may have further questions. Just call me at your convenience,” McCormick concluded.


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