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Posted: November 16, 2017

Would-be mega donation snagged

A promise to donate $7.5 million to the Kimberley Dynamiters hockey team and Kimberley Minor Hockey Association has hit a snag.

The Kootenay International Junior Hockey League Dynamiters’ board of directors issued a statement Nov. 14 noting it had not yet received any money from Mike Gould, who announced the donation during a pre-game ceremony Oct. 13 (pictured above).

“The Kimberley Dynamiters would like to provide an update on the commitment from Mr. Gould. The commitment promised to the Kimberley Dynamiters and Kimberley Minor Hockey has not been received. The organization believes that the completion of the season is the main priority and efforts will be dedicated to that purpose. We thank all of the Dynamiter fans and the wider community for their interest and continued support,” stated the Kimberley Dynamiters Board of Directors.

“This will be the only statement the Dynamiter organization will be releasing. If there are any further developments, we will provide an update at that time.”

On Nov. 13, Kimberley Minor Hockey Association president Curtis McLaren echoed the Dynamiters’ statement, noting no funds had been received and team fundraising remains a focus.

“Kimberley Minor Hockey (KMHA) relies on the generous donations from the community to help support our fundraising during our tournaments. This year KMHA members have been getting turned down for donations on the assumption of a large rumoured donation and we feel that it needs to be clarified that there has been no money donated to the association or its members. The players, families and Kimberley Minor Hockey would like to thank all of the local businesses and sponsors who support our association. We are asking the public for its continued support as we rely heavily on donations and grants to keep minor hockey fees affordable for our members,” McLaren stated.

“Kimberley Minor Hockey has had no direct contact with Mr. Gould and has not been promised any money by any person or organization,” he concluded.

Additionally, a Cranbrook business owner has filed a complaint with the RCMP over funds owed to her by Gould following an Oct. 14 event he was to fund.

Jolene Salanski of Northwest Grill and Catering says Gould owes her for a 50-person event she catered.

Gould told CBC News yesterday he has run into some snags in terms of accessing his money, including a child maintenance enforcement order that froze his accounts.

“Mostly everyone will be paid out by, let’s go with the 24th [of November],” Gould told CBC, adding Salanski’s bill would be paid on Friday (Nov. 17).


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