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Posted: September 7, 2019

Mobile glass blowing studio to roll into Kimberley

Glass House Xperience is travelling to Mountain Grass Glass in Kimberley from Thursday, Oct. 17 through Sunday, Oct 27.

Glass House Xperience is Canada’s only mobile glass studio and travels across the western provinces providing demonstrations and hands-on learning opportunities through their mobile glass studio where students learn the basics of glassblowing.

Their Ashes in Glass program provides people who have lost a loved one or pet an innovative way to combine peace and beauty with their memories by allowing the client to choose from a wide selection of colours, shapes, and sizes when creating their one-of-a-kind piece of art.

They offer a Taste of Glass class that teaches you the basics of glass blowing a simple drinking cup, paperweights or Christmas balls. As well, Glass House Xperience offers a two hour class that enables you to create multiple pieces that you would help design and implement. There is also a children’s class which allows children to experience the creation process.

“We developed this type of studio to grow awareness of this ancient art, grow the glass blowing community, gain meaningful connections among different communities, and share our creative ideas,” said Mandy Patchin owner and principal glass blower.

“I appreciate the art of improvisation, and the theatrics of glass blowing, so it only felt natural to combine elements of a travelling attraction where fashionably inappropriate humor and fire may co-exist.

“Creating a glass blowing studio, which is generally done in a brick and mortar building, and instead making it mobile has its challenges, but to be able to reach more people, create memories teach a new skill, and facilitate healing with our ashes in glass program is a very rewarding process.”


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