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Posted: January 5, 2017

Notes from City Hall

Kimberley Mayor Brown bagBrownbag Lunch with Mayor McCormick

On Wednesday, January 11, and on the second Wednesday of each month, Mayor Don McCormick will host a brown-bag luncheon at City Hall from noon until 1:30 p.m. Bring your own lunch and have a discussion with the Mayor.

2017 Utility Rate Adjustments

utility-ratesCity of Kimberley council is committed to maintaining and upgrading Kimberley’s aging water and sewer systems. To fund planned infrastructure renewal and budgeted operating cost increases associated with the water and sewer systems, effective January 1, utility rates for residential properties will increase by a total of $2.91 per month ($34.92 per year). This adjustment is comprised of a Water Rate increase of $2.00 per month ($24 per year) and a Sewer Rate increase of $0.91 per month ($10.92 per year). The rate for Solid Waste will remain unchanged from 2016.  The new aggregate rate for Water, Sewer, and Solid Waste for residential properties in 2017 will be $70.20 per month ($842.40 per year). This amount will be billed in equal quarterly instalments of $210.60. Water and Sewer Rates for commercial and all other classifications of use will be adjusted by the same percentage as the residential rates.

Reminder to Renew Your 2017 Dog Licenses

Dog licenses for 2017 are now on sale at City Hall and the cost for a license for your spayed or neutered dog is only $22.The fines for an unlicensed dog are: $100 for the first offence, and $200 for each subsequent offence thereafter. Please help our Animal Control Officer make sure your pet gets home without a trip to the BC SPCA, and license your dog today!

Business Licences are due for 2017

CityofKim LogoThe city kindly requests that business licences be renewed and paid for before January 31. Application forms for new businesses are available at City Hall or on the city’s website. Mobile businesses can now operate in Kimberley and Cranbrook without having to apply for businesses licences from both municipalities. Supported by the Kimberley and Cranbrook Chambers of Commerce, this is a clear win for the busy mobile entrepreneur! For more information on fees and who can apply, please view the full bylaw on our website.

If you no longer require a Dog Licence or Business Licence, or need to update your contact information for these, please contact City Hall at 250-427-5311.

Frozen Water Line Prevention

If the water service line to your home has ever frozen or you have noticed a reduced water flow in your home during the winter, leave one tap running cold water day and night (stream should be the size of a pencil). This will help to prevent your lines from freezing.  Since frost sinks deeper into the ground when air temperatures rise after a period of extreme cold, you will need to keep the water running 24/7 until mid-April to avoid having the line freeze.

The city encourages residents who have experienced frozen water service lines in the past to be pro-active by ensuring indoor lines are properly insulated, keeping a good snow cover over the ground above the service lines and installing a bleeder line system. For more information please visit HERE and select Preventing Frozen Water Service Lines from the Fall/Winter drop down menu.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Kimberley Transfer stnThe Regional District of East Kootenay Transfer Station located at 800 Jim Ogilvie Way is the designated area for disposal of Christmas trees. All residents are encouraged to have their discarded Christmas trees delivered to this area. City trucks will make one pass through each neighbourhood on or after January 16, to pick up any remaining trees. If you are unable to dispose of your own tree, please leave it at your garbage collection location in a manner that will not conflict with snow removal equipment.

City of Kimberley

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