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Posted: June 29, 2016

Notes from City Hall

Fire Ban

Please note that fire bans for category two and three fires are in effect. Campfires and BBQ pits are still permitted. Please visit the latest news section of the City of Kimberley’s website at for further information.

Outdoor Burning

CityofKim LogoAll outdoor burning within the City of Kimberley is regulated under Bylaw No. 2364 and must be approved by the Kimberley Fire Department. Special occasion burning permits will be issued by the Fire Chief for fires in parks or recreation areas, burns for land clearing, and for approved barbecue pits for cooking purposes. It is unlawful to burn without a permit, to burn construction materials, to burn yard debris, or to burn in an outside barrel or outside incinerator.  All approved burning within the City of Kimberley must be supervised at all times and have sufficient equipment on site to extinguish or control the burn.

Fireworks Ban

With the dry weather, fireworks pose a fire hazard to the community. The City of Kimberley’s Fireworks Bylaw (1558) prohibits the use of fireworks within the municipality.  No person shall sell, discharge, explode, set-off, detonate, dispose of, or be in possession of fireworks within City limits.  The penalty for committing a firework offence is up to $250. Any fireworks display requires a permit and approval from the Fire Chief. A licenced Pyro Technician must hold a valid Fireworks Supervisor’s Certificate issued by Natural Resources Canada, Explosives Regulatory Division. For more information on the use of fireworks within the City of Kimberley, contact the Kimberley Fire department at 250-427-4114.

Solid Waste and Regulations Bylaw No. 2520

Kimberley Transfer stnPlease educate yourself on the rules of our solid waste bylaw. Here are a few keys points to remember:

– Pick-up begins at 7:30 a.m. and garbage must not be set out before 5 a.m. on garbage collection day. Unattended garbage attracts bears and other wildlife.

– Garbage must be set out in cans only. Each household may put out a maximum of two garbage cans. For allowable garbage can specifications, more details on our garbage collection program, please see our website.

– No recyclable materials will be collected. All yard and garden waste, paper, cardboard, glass containers, etc. (refer to the websites below for more details) are to be taken to the Kimberley Transfer Station at 800 Jim Ogilvie Way. City crews will not collect your garbage if there is recycling or yard waste mixed in with it.

Mandatory Watering Regulations

Grass sprinklerOver the summer we will be placing yellow flags on properties where lawn watering has been observed outside of the approved times. We all have a part to play to conserve water in our community, and we believe the gentle reminder provided by these flags is a better option than fines.

Watering must be done between the hours of 4 to 10 a.m. and 6 to 10 p.m. Residents of properties with odd-numbered addresses should water only on odd-numbered days. Residents of properties with even-numbered addresses should water only on even-numbered days. For more information on water regulation please visit

City of Kimberley

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