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Posted: April 22, 2020

Please support local businesses Mayor urges

By Mayor Don McCormick

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing devastating financial consequences for business – big and small. Our business community is all but closed indefinitely which means no sales, no revenue. Just like individuals, business have commitments that do not stop – rent, utilities, taxes, inventory commitments, etc. And of course, businesses are the source of our jobs. Without those jobs, many, many people will not have the resources to support their families.

Our small-business community received some action from the provincial government late last week including school tax reductions, payment deferrals and loans. The City of Kimberley’s 0% increase in variable taxes will help as well. However, aid is no substitute for sales.

Tourism Kimberley, the major accommodators, the Chamber of Commerce and city economic development resources share the sense of urgency and understand the steepness of that hill. Together we are developing strategies that will prime the pump as soon as the doors are allowed to open once more.

In addition, we are participating in the regional Economic Resiliency Task Force. All of this is aimed at getting business revenues back – as high as possible as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, there are many businesses that have implemented new approaches to servicing customers in order to keep the doors open. And all have taken precautions to protect staff and customers.

Please check out these businesses and support them within the boundaries of safety. It would be a very different Kimberley if they did not survive.

Please stay informed; stay calm; be supportive… and we will successfully ride this out!

Lead image: A quiet Platzl in downtown Kimberley, early afternoon on Friday, April 10. Ian Cobb/e-KNOW photo

Don McCormick is Mayor of the City of Kimberley

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