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Posted: May 10, 2022

RCMP warn about police impersonation scam

Kimberley RCMP has issued a social media heads-up about a new scam.

Someone using a call display number of 250-427-4811 (Kimberley RCMP’s phone number) has called at least one person in town and told the person that he was under investigation for fraud, Kimberley RCMP reported.

“The caller had the victim’s SIN as well. Be advised that the RCMP do not have access to SIN numbers and our phone number does not display on call display,” RCMP outlined.

If you have any concerns about someone calling and saying they are from the RCMP, tell them you will call the office. Hang up and wait at least five minutes before calling us.

“If you are on a landline be sure to listen for a dial tone before dialing as the scammer can keep your line open if he/she doesn’t hang up,” police advised.


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