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Posted: November 18, 2020

Reflections of a recently retired Mountie

Letter to the Editor

I’ve been retired for two weeks now, but it still feels a little like I’m on holidays. In looking back I am humbled by the comments and feedback I received upon retiring.

Typically, during one’s career and job, we want to do a good job. But are we really? Sometimes it’s not always clear.

I worked hard to look after the officers and the community they served. It’s not always a win/win, but one does the best they can. Particularly under the circumstances and unforgiving criticism that people feel entitled to give through social media.

But looking back I felt I’d won the lottery in achieving balance and understanding. The comments received, and there were LOTS, were all positive. I don’t recall seeing one negative comment; that is huge considering there were hundreds if not thousands.

I’m deeply thankful for the opportunity to serve. I appreciate all the kind words, comments and likes from the community and those I worked with.

Thank you!

Sgt. Chris Newel (Retired),


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