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Posted: July 15, 2020

Remain diligent and we will all stay safe

By Mayor Don McCormick

Visitors are returning in numbers.

This is a two-edged sword. We need the visitors to drive our local economy, but increased visitation increases our COVID-19 risk.

We have some of the lowest infection rates in the country because we are focusing on the protocols needed to manage living with the virus – careful physical distancing, sanitation stations everywhere, and masks are becoming more prevalent. Attention to detail makes us feel safe.

As we come out of isolation, and as we enjoy being outside in the sunshine, things are becoming a bit looser. NO CASES DOES NOT MEAN NO COVID-19. We are being told by experts that things could easily get out of control again; it is the nature of a contagious virus. Remember, we will be living with this virus at least until the new year – another six months.

We can successfully navigate this pandemic if we continue to do three simple things:

  1. Practice physical distancing;
  2. Be fanatical about sanitation;
  3. Wear a mask if you are in tight public quarters.

Our community is incredible! The results so far are a testament to our caring, not just for our own well-being, but those around us. Remain diligent and we will all stay safe.

– Don McCormick is City of Kimberley Mayor.

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