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Posted: February 25, 2021

SAR units team to rescue person buried by avalanche

Kimberley SAR photo

Cranbrook Search and Rescue teamed with Kimberley Search and Rescue responded late yesterday afternoon (Feb. 24) to an avalanche in the Summer Lake area involving a buried individual.

Cranbrook SAR said initial reports were that one person had been buried and had been dug out by companions. Due to the nature of the call Kimberley SAR was called to assist. A crew of three made up of one Cranbrook SAR Avalanche Technician level 2 and two Avalanche rescue team members flew to the scene.

The helicopter wasn’t able to land close to the patient, so the team members were dropped off nearby and then skied to subject. The members carried medical equipment and once with the subject prepared him for transport.

“The crew was able to cut down some trees for the helicopter to land next to the patient. The crew performed a technical hot entry with daylight fading fast. They transported to patient to the Canadian Rockies International Airport and handed off to a BCEHS fixed wing Critical Care Transport team,” Cranbrook SAR reported.

“The best chance of survival in an avalanche is companion rescue (members of your own group). Please make sure you are prepared with avalanche beacon, shovel and probe when you travel into the backcountry. Make sure you practice regularly with the equipment. And always leave a trip plan and carry the 10 essentials.”

Summer Lake is located in the Rockies, about 27 km east of Wasa.

Thank you to all the responders from both Kimberley SAR and Cranbrook SAR.

Lead image: Bighorn Helicopters. Cranbrook SAR photo


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