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Posted: May 8, 2018

Three goals with emergency preparedness

A disaster can strike in an instance. Are you and your family prepared for an emergency event?

The City of Kimberley Fire Department would like to remind residents that emergency preparedness week is May 6-12. We have been recognizing Emergency Preparedness Week since 1996, with Canadians focusing on three main goals.

The first goal is to know the risks to your community, the second, is to be prepared and make a plan, and the third, assemble an emergency kit.

The first step, educating yourself on community emergency risks, the Kimberley Fire Department’s suggested main focus is to be better prepared for wildfires. Wildfires are a natural hazard to our area and can travel and grow at an alarming rate. Every year wildfires leave millions of hectares of charred earth behind.

The City of Kimberley has been working to create a more fire resistive community by reducing the density of fuels in the surrounding areas. As home and business owners you can reduce your susceptibility to wildfire by following the Fire Smart principles that include tree spacing, pruning, landscaping and using non-flammable building materials.

This Fire Smart Guide is available online.

The second step is to make a plan and be prepared, which includes evacuation preparations. As the need to evacuate can arise at any time, it is very important that you and your family establish safe meeting places both near and away from your home.

Get to know your evacuation routes and follow the sources of information that will give you direction during difficult and stressful circumstances.

We also suggest you educate yourself with the emergency evacuation plan in your workplace, as well as your child’s school or daycare.

Lastly, consider any special health needs and ensure that you are able to access necessary prescriptions.

The third step to ensure your basic emergency kit is ready to grab and go.

Being prepared and having your emergency kit ready will reduce the stress during an evacuation, and also ensures that you and your loved ones can get to a safe location as quickly and calmly as possible. Food, water and first aid supplies are important items the event of an emergency; however some important items that are often overlooked include an N95 facemask, copies of important documents and identification, cash, extra keys to your home and vehicles, and extra toiletries.

The City of Kimberley Fire Department would like to encourage everyone to take these three easy steps to better prepare for an emergency. If you would like more information on how you can be more prepared in the event of an emergency please visit HERE.

The Fire Department has resources available and can answer your questions by visiting the Fire Hall at 340 Spokane Street or by calling 250-427-4114 during 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Kimberley Fire Department

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