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Posted: November 6, 2018

Tobacco Plains adding rooftop solar array

An exciting addition is underway on the roof of the ʔakink̓umǂasnuqǂiʔit (Tobacco Plains Community) brand new Community Administration and Health Centre.

Through the commitment of ʔakink̓umǂasnuqǂiʔit and a grant made available through the BC Indigenous clean Energy Initiative through New Relationship Trust, Empower Energy Corp. is installing a 41.4-kilowatt solar array on the recently opened building.

Consisting of 120 (Canadian Solar) solar modules the system will generate approximately half of the estimated energy used in the building and the photovoltaic system will continue generating energy for at least the next 25 years.

The energy produced by converting sunshine into electricity has the equivalent carbon reduction as planting over 18,000 trees.

Energy created by solar panels is far cleaner than energy created through other common methods, producing 91% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than natural gas and 96% less CO2 than coal. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that is released from the burning of fossil fuels and is a significant contributor to climate change.

By subscribing to BC Hydro’s net metering program, ʔakink̓umǂasnuqǂiʔit is projected to save over $300,000 on their energy bills in the lifetime of the system.


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