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Posted: June 23, 2021

Community continues work to honour ancestors

On May 28, it was announced that the remains of 215 Indigenous children had been found at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. That news has brought back painful memories for our community and has elicited many questions from our citizens and the public regarding potential work in and around the St. Eugene Mission cemetery and ʔaq̓am community.

At the request of our elders, we conducted ground-penetrating radar on a portion of our cemetery in 2020. This work was undertaken to ensure future preservation of ancestral remains, a pillar within our Community Strategic Plan, ka kniⱡwi·tiyaⱡa.

We will conduct further work this summer and continue to build a comprehensive record that will shape our community connection and preservation.

We ask for privacy and patience as we undertake this important work to honour our ancestors.

The ʔaq̓am community has completed and will continue to complete this important work alongside our Elder’s and Knowledge holders.

“We as the community of ʔaq̓am stand by our brothers and sisters in Kamloops and across the country, and we will continue to do the work of healing for our communities now and into the future,” said Nasuʔkin Joe Pierre.

Lead image: ǂkamnin’tik (The Children), a life-size granite sculpture that honours all children who attended residential school, unveiled in 2017 in front of St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino.

ʔaq̓ am Community

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