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Posted: January 16, 2020

Major Jumbo Valley announcement coming

The Ktunaxa Nation Council today (Jan. 16) announced it will be making a significant announcement on Saturday, January 18 about the Jumbo Valley.

The announcement will be “concerning the future of an area of great cultural and ecological importance in the Central Purcells,” Ktunaxa Nation Council stated in a media alert.

Ktunaxa leaders Saturday will be joined by senior representatives from the Province of British Columbia, the Columbia Basin Trust and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.  A video from federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson will also be shown.

Also present will be the funders and members of the community that have worked for years to reach a day in which this announcement, taking place at 4:45 p.m., can be made.

It is not yet clear if this is related to the August 2019 announcement by Environment and Climate Change Canada for funding to work toward developing an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area, up to 211,045 hectares, in Qat’muk (Jumbo Valley) of the central Purcell Mountain range, west of Invermere.

The project will receive $16,102,916 in funding over four years to cover work such as mapping and assessing cultural and biodiversity values, negotiating to buy out conflicting land tenures, and developing boundaries and an interim stewardship plan.

More following the Jan. 17 announcement.


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