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Posted: November 16, 2023

Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi’it responds to sale of EVR to Glencore

Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi’it (Tobacco Plains Indian Band) has released an official response to the recent sale of Elk Valley Resources from Teck to Glencore.

Heidi Gravelle

“It is with keen interest that our Nation continues to follow the proposed sale of Teck’s Elk Valley Resources (EVR) to Glencore,” stated Heidi Gravelle, Nasuʔkin (Chief) of Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi’it.

“Over the past few months our Nation has undertaken an intensive process of working with the Province of British Columbia and Teck Resources to find a new path forward for the future of mining in our ancestral lands (ʔakanuxunik̓ ʔamakis),” Gravelle continued.

“At the core of this process has been the acknowledgement that our Nation is the Title holder and rightful voice of stewardship in the Elk Valley. We have strong expectations that these important discussions will continue with British Columbia, Teck and now Glencore.”

Gravelle emphasized that a pragmatic approach to mining is required to ensure sustainability in the Elk Valley.

In the event that Glencore meets the requirements of the Investment Canada Act, Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi’it intends to engage with Glencore to ensure that the future of Elk Valley residents and wildlife are protected.

“Our Nation believes that there is a future path for mining in the Elk Valley, that benefits all living things. We recognize the families supported by the industry,” stated Gravelle. “However, a continuously growing emphasis has been placed on the economic interest of mining, both by the province and by the mining industry. Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi’it will continue to remind British Columbia, Teck and Glencore, that sustainable mining requires responsible practices, the highest level of water management and in-depth reclamation.

“Our voice is essential to ensure that the care of the land, water, air and all living things is a priority. Future practices must balance economic benefits with the responsible protection of our ancestral lands, for the benefit of all future generations.”


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