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Posted: March 7, 2017

Liberal candidates donate $10,000 for elk

Submitted by the BC Liberal Party, Kootenay East and Columbia River-Revelstoke

Tom Shypitka, BC Liberal candidate for Kootenay East and Doug Clovechok, BC Liberal candidate for Columbia River-Revelstoke have stepped up with $5,000 donations each from their constituency associations to feed starving elk and deer.

Doug Clovechok, Carmen Purdy and Tom Shypitka.

Both Tom and Doug are hunters and love wildlife. They recognize this winter has been brutally hard on ungulate populations. They recognize that feeding is a last resort because of potential downsides. But they support feeding this year because the conditions demand it.

“Our wildlife is one of our most precious resources and I just couldn’t stand by without asking my local constituency association to help the Kootenay Wildlife Heritage Fund,” said Shypitka.

Clovechok added, “I love hunting and I am still enjoying some elk meat. I know we need to step up this winter and do everything we can to help these animals survive. This means fewer election ads and I am ok with that. Wildlife comes first.”

Retiring MLA Bill Bennett is working closely with Doug and Tom. “I’m really grateful to Tom and Doug for coming up with this idea. This has been the worst winter since the last time we had to feed Elk back in the ‘90s when the NDP government threatened to lock up those hunters feeding the elk and I am proud that my political party is stepping up to with this meaningful contribution,” Bennett stated.

Carmen Purdy, the President of the Kootenay Wildlife Heritage Fund, was his usual blunt self. “I’ve been telling my hunting friends for years that the NDP cannot be trusted to do anything for wildlife. Just look at their most recent announcement to ban all grizzly bear hunting. Thanks for your help Tom and Doug,” he said.

Lead image: From left: Doug Clovechok, BC Liberal candidate for Columbia River-Revelstoke; Carmen Purdy, President – Kootenay Wildlife Heritage Fund; Tom Shypitka, candidate BC Liberals Kootenay East and Rod Guimont, past vice president EKHA spread hay near Cherry Creek. About one ton of hay was left for elk, with between 30 and 40 observed nearby.

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