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Posted: March 12, 2017

Do refugees get more support than seniors?

Letter to the Editor

Please see Editor’s note below.

Dr. Silvia D’Addario and York University students have set the facts straight on government support for refugee claimants.

How come the news never writes about Justin Trudeau? Is it fair that Trudeau gives the rapeagees (sic) $4k a month to live while Canadians suffer? We paid taxes and taxes and yet we are nothing. They come here and pay no taxes but get everything. Can you see why Canadians are pissed off?

Do you like the idea on what the PM is doing? Surely you have parents that are seniors that need help but our government fails. Why is the rest of the government not sticking up for us and inviting so many rapeagees (sic) here to cause violence. Don’t you think Trudeau is a terrorist? Ask yourself are we safe anymore? What about Sharia Law that’s coming soon unless we wake up and fight for our nation. We have a democracy nation but Trudeau wants to turn it into a communist country. Is that what Canada stands for?

Wonder what the vets say about this? Kick up why they get lots of money to live happy while we Canadians live in poverty or on the streets. I live on $215 a month; why do them scum get $4k? We should get that and they get what I get. Time for Trudeau to go for good. We need a REFERENDUM ASAP.

Publish this please our last hope like Trump’s the USA’s hope. Thank you.

Stuart Smith,


Editor’s note: We decided to run this letter to the editor sic because it presents a prevailing viewpoint among some Canadians; one that was built on mistruths and unfortunately pushed into the public sphere by the Toronto Star a couple of years ago.

The Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR), a national non-profit umbrella organization committed to the rights and protection of refugees and other vulnerable migrants has extensive information concerning the rumours in Canada, and the United States, that debunks the claim that Canadian seniors receive less government support than refugees.

“For many years, a persistent chain email has been circulating claiming that refugees receive significantly more money in income assistance than Canadians collecting a pension. The information, which is based on a letter published in the Toronto Star, is false. The record has been set straight by the federal government and the Canadian Council for Refugees,” the CCR’s webpage notes.

Please click HERE to read all the details on this persistent falsehood. – Ian Cobb

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