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Posted: March 15, 2017

Rotary Club says thanks for film fest support

Letter to the Editor

On behalf of Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary Club, we would like to thank you for your continued support of our film festivals over the past 20 years! We couldn’t have done it without your solid support year after year. The youth in our community have benefited from your generosity over and over.

Our corporate sponsors play a big role in the success of our festival. Again, a HUGE thank you to the East Kootenay Community Credit Union (EKC), A.C. Dyck Financial Services Inc., Lotic Environmental, The Bedroom Furniture Galleries and the folks at BDO.

Thank you to Janice Strong for providing the sponsorship reel before the show. It was great to see the list of movies we have played over the past 20 years.

The Sweet Hereafter played in our first festival and will play again on April 19 in honour of Canada’s 150th Birthday. Free tickets for all so tell your friends.

Thank you to Nathan Troxel for his work on our website. We have received lots of positive comments on the ease of the website!

The Key City Theatre staff and volunteers need to be recognized for their support and patience while we figure out how to do things at our new venue!

Finally, a big thank you to Helen Boon and the other members of our Rotary Club for shopping and chopping in preparation for the Wine & Cheese event! The trays were beautiful and delicious!

Our 20th Anniversary started on a high note (pun intended) with the Wine & Cheese, presentation by Kim Lutz and the Cranbrook Violin Club and finishing with the emotional Landfill Harmonic documentary. The resolve of those students is amazing. What a night!

So, now your homework!  Please provide us with some feedback about our film series (Captain Fantastic, Our Little Sister, The Dressmaker, The Eagle Huntress, Little Men) and our festival from last week. We would like to know your comments on the film choices, the venue, the length of the festival or anything else you would like to comment on, positive or negative. We will use this in our planning session for next year. Your input is valuable to us so please take a moment and give us your thoughts. One of our participants, Dan Hicks has put comments about the shows he attended on the Roger Ebert site – check it out at Thanks for mentioning our festival along the way Dan!

The season is not over yet! Don’t forget about The Sweet Hereafter on April 19 and Mr. Ga Ga on May 16! See you then! We look forward to your feedback.

Sunrise Rotary Club Film Committee: Dennis Parson, Riley Wilcox, Helen Boon, Anne Beurskens, Gerry Warner, Claudette Sopkow, Darryl Bishop, Colleen Bermel, Bre Tironese, Penny Coyle, Janice Sommerfeld and Shelley Balfour.

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