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Posted: April 3, 2017

SAR rescues snowmobiler from Bootleg

At 9:30 p.m. on April 1 Kimberley Search and Rescue (SAR) was called out to rescue a snowmobiler stuck up near the top of Bootleg Mountain, west of Kimberley, off of St. Mary’s Lake Road.

“He encountered quite a technical section at the top of the main road where his sled became buried in several feet of snow. Two members on snowmobiles were able to reach the subject with an additional two on snowmobiles at the base of the extremely steep road,” reported Kimberley SAR on its Facebook page.

A rapid intervention team remained at St. Mary’s Road to provide additional resources, as needed.

“The subject and his sled were evacuated safely. The subject was well-prepared to be in the backcountry, but the deep, wet snow caused some unanticipated challenges. Users are reminded that conditions are slushy and soft making travel highly technical and risky,” Kimberley SAR stated.

“The piece of road leading to Bootleg has several significant humps and an extremely steep section with a deep trench. Please check the avalanche forecast before you head out.”

SAR also warns there is a deep trench near the top of Bootleg on the main road.

Kimberley SAR Photo


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