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Posted: March 24, 2017

SD5 Board Notes

The following is a summary of motions carried during the March 14 Southeast Kootenay School District No. 5 (SD5) School Board of Trustees’ Meeting held in Cranbrook.

Motions Carried

Trustee Trina Ayling


That the board look at SD5’s existing Partner Commitment Statement in the current Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement and send any changes/revisions to Trustee Trina Ayling to bring forward to the board meeting in March for approval.

That the board considers in-principle the idea of putting a greenhouse at Steeples Elementary School in Cranbrook.

Trustee Bev Bellina

That the board will leave the submission of what to highlight from SD5 to the BCSTA to the superintendent’s discretion based on knowledge of workload and what is out there to submit. Trustee Bev Bellina will work with the superintendent on what to submit. Superintendent Hauptman will bring a draft to the board for approval prior to it being sent.

Student Services

That 2017 students with existing IEPs have their IEP for the 2017/18 term be reviewed and/or revised following the long weekend in May and completed by the end of June, and that the necessary supports, resources and release time be provided for in the 2017/18 budget.


That the board send a follow-up letter to MLA Linda Larson re: the board’s letter of January 30, 2017 requesting they hold a Rural Education Review process meeting in Cranbrook.


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