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Posted: March 6, 2014

Canadian and BC Team members race in Kimberley

National and provincial team alpine racers will compete at Kimberley Alpine Resort in the night slalom race Thursday, March 6, starting at 4:30 p.m.

The race will run on the ‘Main’ under the lights. Attending will be: National and BC Team members:

1.        Erik Read – super-G & slalom (Canadian Alpine Ski Team)

2.       Sasha Zaitsoff – slalom only (Canadian Alpine Ski Team)

3.       Paul Stutz – slalom only (former Canadian Alpine Ski Team)

4.       William St. Germain – super-G & slalom (Canadian Junior Team)

5.       Tyler Werry – super-G & slalom (BC Ski Team)

1.       Charley Field – super-G & slalom (BC Ski Team)

2.       Emma King – super-G & slalom (BC Ski Team)

3.       Alix Wells – super-G & slalom (BC Ski Team)

4.       Blake Ramsden – super-G & slalom (BC Ski Team)

5.       Brodie Seger – slalom only (BC Ski Team)

6.       Martin Grasic – slalom only (BC Ski Team)

7.       Patrick Carry – slalom only (BC Ski Team)

8.       Dominic Unterberger – slalom only (BC Ski Team)

9.     Stephanie Gartner – slalom only (Canadian Junior Team)

10.   Broderick Thompson – slalom only (BC Ski Team)

The FIS Keurig Cup super-G, downhill and slalom race series will run until Friday March 7. The event has attracted over 90 athletes from Canada, Australia, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, and USA and includes local racers Rebecca Bermel (Cranbrook), Gina Norton (Kimberley) and several Windermere Valley athletes.

Kimberley Alpine Resort will make world class action accessible and comfortable. You will not want to miss…

·         Erik Read, Sasha Zaitsoff and Paul Stutz in the men’s slalom;

·         Stephanie Gartner in the ladies’ slalom;

·         Tyler Werry, William St. Germain,  Erik Read and Blake Ramsden in the men’s super-G;

·         Cranbrook’s own Rebecca Bermel, Charley Field and Emma King in the ladies’ super-G.

In the first of two downhill races BC Ski Team’s Emma King of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club took top prize in one minute, 12.75 seconds. Joining King on the podium were Rebecca Bermel of Cranbrook and skiing with the Windermere Valley Ski Club in 1:12.90, and Mikayla Martin of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club in 1:13.37. BC Team’s Charley Field, also of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club, finished just off the podium in fourth position.

In the men’s competition Steven Fry of the Windermere Valley Ski Club, and winner of two of three training runs, was consistent on race day to take the gold in 1:10.11. Two Whistler Mountain Ski Club athletes, Cameron Alexander and Jack Crawford rounded out the men’s podium finishing second (1:10.99) and third (1:11.24) respectively.


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